Grease (the Show not the Country)

I subscribe to a few ticket alerts, one night a while ago I was checking my emails and got a pre sale offer for Grease.  I asked OH if he’d like to go to Grease.  He got quite gooey eyed and said that he’d always wanted to go there.  Much to my amusement and his annoyance, I had  to correct him and let him know that I was talking about the show not the country.  I did tell him that I would take him to Greece at some stage.  After I stopped rolling around the floor and he got over his hissy fit at me laughing we decided that we would get tickets.  After consulting the diary (it get’s quite full these days) we decided on the Saturday 1st of Feb.

Since we were going to have a quick and casual dinner pre show we decided not to invoke the new restaurants only rule and went to one of faves – Hu Tong Dumpling Bar   We ordered Duck Meat Dumplings, Vegie Dumplings, Shanghai Noodles and Chicken Fillet in Laksa sauce with a small serve of rice – all washed down with a lovely Central Otago Pinot Noir.  We actually got two serves of Duck Meat and not the Vegie Dumplings but the Duck ones were so delicious that it didn’t matter.  Typical of us, we ordered one dish too many – that dish was the Chicken Fillet, lovely but not really needed.  The price of our meal was pretty good, over half the bill was the wine (also delicious and went down way to fast).

The show was awesome and brought back a whole heap of fabulous childhood memories.  I first went and saw Grease with my folks and a neighbouring family when I was much younger.  Our two families went on a day trip to Whangarei when we were living up in Taipa the first time around.  It was a really big deal to go to the big smoke, compared to Taipa (which is a beachside town in the Far North) it was massive, we even went to Pizza Hut for lunch – a very big treat.

After the show we wandered home pleasantly full after having an ice cream pre show (it was a hot night in Melbourne) and watching a show that was a blast from the past.

About DBR

I'm a Kiwi living in Melbourne. I moved here a little over a year ago with my husband (otherwise known as OH). Together we enjoy an active social life, discovering all the benefits that Melbourne has to offer. We mostly enjoy eating out, live Theatre and Comedy. My intention is for this blog to be a online journal of our escapades in Melbourne, keeping track of where we go, what we do and how we enjoyed it, or didn't if that's the case. It's also important to know that I am a Michelle Bridges 12wbt disciple, so that will also pop up from time to time. My aim is to be fit and healthy and still enjoy going out to the many awesome restaurants and cafes that Melbourne has on offer.
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